Six in Six: Wrap Up

So, this is the official end of Six in Six.  The experiment wasn’t entirely unsuccessful, although I didn’t “win” by the rules I set out for myself at the beginning.  One of the stories was pretty old, and they were all supposed to be new things.  Sometimes it just works like that.  If I hadn’t tried to push myself to continue writing something that just wasn’t working, or if I hadn’t caught that horrible cold half way through, maybe I would have made it.  That’s life.  No fancy new books as a reward for me.

But I have 4 stories I will polish up and use for other things.  Yay!

Speaking of which… If you haven’t perused the stories you should feel welcome to – they’re all on the tab at the top, in order from newest to oldest.  I’ll keep them up until May 1st, when I’ll pull them down.

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