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Being a fantasy writer isn’t easy, and it’s not just the writing part (although that’s some of it.  Writing is always hard).  It’s also the fact that a lot of journals don’t take fantasy or speculative things.  I have spent hours upon hours researching places to send my work to.  I thought it might be helpful to others if I threw down a master post of journals that take this sort of thing, so you can benefit from all the free time I seem to have.  Not all of them accept submissions all of the time, so you will still need to keep your ear to the ground.

I’m updating as I go along, every few months or so.  If you know of a journal I haven’t listed, send the info along and I’ll post it.  I want this thing to be as comprehensive as possible, and as up-to-date as possible.  I’m trying only to list active markets, which is a moving target…

I also think I should discuss how I’m qualifying my categories.  Professional rates are $0.06 per word as defined by the SWFA, and 2 sales at that rate qualify you for membership unless otherwise stated.  “Paying Well” is something I’m defining myself as being $0.05 per word or less but likely to make you $50 or more for a 2,500 word story (which I think is pretty average for a short story), or that there is a flat fee payment that is over $50.  “Paying Not A Lot” means that you are likely to make under $50 on the sale of a 2,500 word story, with some places offering only a token payment (such as $5 or something).   “Paying Nothing,” I would hope, is self-explanatory.  Professional, Well, and Nothing are listed by response time (from shortest to longest), and Not A Lot is listed in order of compensation (from most to least).

Now on to the list of Journals, and happy submitting!

Paying Professional Rates:

Paying Well:

Paying Not a Lot:

Paying Nothing/Unknown:

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