Midcoast Maine 1942. Gemini Byrd is a pragmatic university girl who does not – Does Not – believe in magic.  When she is left a Field of Care (whatever that is) and a house by her estranged grandmother in the small town of Easterbay, she decides to move in.

Local lighthouse keeper Kent Marsh knows all about Fields of Care, and Gemini’s is terrifying.  She must hold the town against the onslaught of fae inhabiting the woods and the waters, a struggle for land that only gets worse as so many from Easterbay ship off to Europe.  With Kent to help, Gemini has three impossible tasks: to believe in magic, learn how to work it, then find out why the magic her ancestors used for centuries isn’t holding anymore.   Before the fae take the town for good.

Expected release: Unknown (the pandemic has made me shockingly unproductive)

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