The Professional Bio:

I am a writer in the greater Los Angeles area who mostly tells strange stories that mash up history and fantasy.

My short stories have been published by Fundead Publications (O Horrid Night, “There Must Have Been Some Magic,” December 2016) Bewildering Stories (“Plenty of Fish,” November 2015) and the Dapper Press Lounge (“The Wages of Sin,” October 2014). I am currently putting a shine on my first novel and getting ready to shop it.  Although I am new to the fiction world, my non-fiction has seen some acclaim.  My work on academic e-journal Voces Novae has won the Nash prize twice.

In my spare time I drink quarts of tea, crochet, revel in my city’s Lincoln obsession, and play the ukulele, much to the chagrin of my three cats.

I’m expecting my first non-fur baby in late November, and looking forward to figuring out the balance of motherhood v. writerhood that I’m sure is coming down the pike… Cross your fingers for me that he’s one of those kids who likes to nap.



2 thoughts on “Herself

  1. Are you still interested in American Sign Langauge? I just stumbled upon your blog “If my Hands could Speak,” and was sad to see it’s no longer active, but then I saw a link to this blog of yours. Just wondering what has happened. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, that’s SUCH a long story. The short version is that I still practice ASL and have some Deaf friends, but that I’m mostly out of all the rest of it. I couldn’t get classes at my school because the California Community College system is so backed up. And then I realized that there’s a huge gap of several years usually between getting certified as an interpreter and being able to make a living wage from interpreting. And then I got a taste of some of the less fun aspects of interpreting/Deaf culture… One of those things probably wouldn’t have hindered me, but stacked up like that they get daunting. I don’t have plans to go back and get certified currently, although it’s not like I’m not well known for changing my mind. 🙂

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