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Ends and Beginnings


This week has been a transition week.  Brian is taking a job right across the street from our house, starting next Monday.  Which meant, of course, that I had to drive down to Orange County (where he’s working now) and help him pack up his office.  Too much stuff for the train.  He had it mostly done when I arrived.  So we packed everything in the car and went to dinner at Taco Adobe, my favorite place in the world.

Taco Adobe is a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican food place sandwiched on a back street between two dumpy car repair yards.  There’s a derelict burger joint across the street.  But you can sit in the bright restaurant or under the blooming bougainvillea on their patio and have the tastiest meal.  They’re the first place that taught me I actually DO like enchiladas; it’s red sauce I don’t like.  They have amazing rice and tasty black beans, and their salsa is unrivaled.  Taco Adobe is one of the things I miss most about Chapman.  The other things being Leatherby Library (and it’s interlibrary loan amazingness), the way they used to pipe Christmas music through the campus speakers during break, and all of the awesome history professors.

It’s definitely the close of a huge chapter in our lives now that Brian will be gone.  There was a time when I spent more hours at Chapman (by far) than I ever did at home, between dropping Brian off at work in the mornings and staying late for ASL club meetings at night.  The campus is different now, with the Musco Center all finished, the DMAC up and running, and a new museum and all.  But it still feels the same.  It still feels like home, I realized last night as we walked to the car in the dark with the buildings shining around us.

My guess is that it probably will always feel that way.  And it definitely won’t be our last time on campus.  If nothing else we’ll see everyone at the Animation Show of Shows, and maybe at other screenings, and things like homecoming. But with Brian leaving, it feels like more the end of an era than my graduation day did.

I’m excited for the future, though.  I feel like I’ve gotten the best present in the world in the form of more Brian around the house.  He has gained back 4 hours a day in commuting time, and I think it’s going to change his life in ways he can’t even imagine yet.  There are Masters Degrees in the cards, and lots of Redlands goodness to explore.  Things are looking up.

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A New Start


My sister and me (and friends) at the annual Halloween recital – held in Scripps’ music building.

I am starting a new job today, and in some respects it feels like I am starting another life.  I’ve been commuting so long that it seems weird that I will be only 20 minutes from home.  I can be home by 5:30 pm, but I still won’t miss NPR like I used to when my commute was 2 minutes long (a short few weeks).  I will have much more time for writing, I’m hoping.

I am leaving Scripps College, a place that was entwined with my growing up.  My grandmother belonged to the Fine Arts Foundation, a community organization that is allied with the college.   She was a dedicated member, and even served on their governing board for a while.  Because of this, my childhood is full of Scripps locations: the fashion show in the Margaret Fowler Garden, the Christmas tea they held in one of the 2 Dorsey living rooms, the ceramics festival outside of Lang.  I would find myself constantly turning a corner and being assaulted by a memory.  I will miss that at the new place.

But my new office is at the top of a hill overlooking the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, all snowy from the latest storm.  I haven’t even started, and they’ve already given me quite the welcome.  It’s a promotion, and it was more than time to move into this new life that Brian and I have begun away from Claremont.  I’m looking forward to the future.

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The New Girl


I started my new job on Monday.  It is a scant 1.6 miles from home, and I took my bike 3 days this week.  It’s all uphill in the morning, which is kicking my butt.  I’m SO SORE.  But the ride home in the evening is glorious, zipping downhill in the gold light of afternoon through the tree-lined village of Claremont.

It’s funny with this new job.  I knew the scope of my life would shrink to something local and quaint.  I knew I would love working with everyone there.  They have been so welcoming.   Still, I didn’t realize how much I would miss Brian now that we are not just a phone call away from each other.  I am spending so much more time alone.  My eccentricities abound.  I zip into work on my vintage-style beach cruiser with a crate on the back, and then proceed to take notes in all the meetings with my fountain pen.  I say “yay” in meetings.   I am more vintage than corporate.

But I’m head over heels in love with Scripps already, and it hasn’t even been a full week.   The orange blossomed lined campus, the vast rose garden kept for cutting, the stained glass windowed library, and the massively friendly staff all say I can ride out being the new girl.

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Not for the Library Card


I got a new job.  I’m at Disney too, still, for twenty hours a week.  But I have a new job!  You’ll never guess where I’m working.  That’s right, it’s Chapman University.  I’ll be working for the College of Performing Arts, and I’m very excited about it.

Events!  New Buildings!  Business Clothes!  Theater!  Musicians!  Dancers! Really Cool Boss!

On my first day of Senior Thesis, professor Slayton had us all write down things we hated about Chapman and asked us to introduce ourselves and say our thing.  When it was my turn, I honestly couldn’t think of anything. 

“Really?” he said.  “Well, I have good news for you.  At the end of your time you can go to HR and they’ll give you a blazer and let you tell everyone how great it is.”  Slayton is a blonde, bearded, very loud New Yorker.    

We all laughed. 

I’m glad it’s become prophetic.  I never wanted to leave.   And I’ll have you know that I didn’t take the job just for the library card (Interlibrary Loan, I’m back!!!!).

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