A New Start


My sister and me (and friends) at the annual Halloween recital – held in Scripps’ music building.

I am starting a new job today, and in some respects it feels like I am starting another life.  I’ve been commuting so long that it seems weird that I will be only 20 minutes from home.  I can be home by 5:30 pm, but I still won’t miss NPR like I used to when my commute was 2 minutes long (a short few weeks).  I will have much more time for writing, I’m hoping.

I am leaving Scripps College, a place that was entwined with my growing up.  My grandmother belonged to the Fine Arts Foundation, a community organization that is allied with the college.   She was a dedicated member, and even served on their governing board for a while.  Because of this, my childhood is full of Scripps locations: the fashion show in the Margaret Fowler Garden, the Christmas tea they held in one of the 2 Dorsey living rooms, the ceramics festival outside of Lang.  I would find myself constantly turning a corner and being assaulted by a memory.  I will miss that at the new place.

But my new office is at the top of a hill overlooking the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, all snowy from the latest storm.  I haven’t even started, and they’ve already given me quite the welcome.  It’s a promotion, and it was more than time to move into this new life that Brian and I have begun away from Claremont.  I’m looking forward to the future.

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