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Not for the Library Card


I got a new job.  I’m at Disney too, still, for twenty hours a week.  But I have a new job!  You’ll never guess where I’m working.  That’s right, it’s Chapman University.  I’ll be working for the College of Performing Arts, and I’m very excited about it.

Events!  New Buildings!  Business Clothes!  Theater!  Musicians!  Dancers! Really Cool Boss!

On my first day of Senior Thesis, professor Slayton had us all write down things we hated about Chapman and asked us to introduce ourselves and say our thing.  When it was my turn, I honestly couldn’t think of anything. 

“Really?” he said.  “Well, I have good news for you.  At the end of your time you can go to HR and they’ll give you a blazer and let you tell everyone how great it is.”  Slayton is a blonde, bearded, very loud New Yorker.    

We all laughed. 

I’m glad it’s become prophetic.  I never wanted to leave.   And I’ll have you know that I didn’t take the job just for the library card (Interlibrary Loan, I’m back!!!!).

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