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Colonial Cooking


I found the Colonial Williamsburg Foodways blog, I think via Pinterest (although I can’t remember now where I found the link through a link).  It’s spurred my thirst for everything historical food.  Which, to be honest, wasn’t that far off to begin with.  I like cooking.  I’m a history major.  It seems like the perfect marriage of hobbies.  I’ve been looking at all sorts of historical food sites, and everything is SO different from our modern recipes.  I mean, I’ve known that food goes through phases of popularity, but I have never seen anyone use heavy spice without adding sugar (for instance), or dealt with that much game. There are savory puddings, oysters in everything, and a penchant for white vegetables, for some reason.

I bought a little pamphlet version of a revolutionary recipes cookbook at the Yorktown Victory Center for the Wassail recipe a few years ago.  Yesterday I tried some of the other recipes in the book.  After that, I’m definitely going to go for some of those Williamsburg recipes.

Martha Washington knew what was up, guys.

I made her Chicken Fricassee, and it’s maybe the best thing I’ve ever cooked ever.  And that’s saying something, since my rack of lamb with sour cherry sauce is something Brian’s still talking about 6 months later.  The chicken here is heavily spiced with nutmeg and cloves in a gravy that’s light, salty, and sweet all at the same time.  Brian took one spoonful of the gravy and told me I was making that for Christmas next year, whether I liked it or not.  I’m seriously dreaming of sailing in to it tonight.

I also made a Sally Lunn bread, which is really half cake, half bread because it has eggs and milk and sugar in it as well as yeast.  It turned out to be this buttery, crusty thing with a soft cakey center, almost not sweet at all.  It was a lot of work – I had to hand-beat it for over 10 minutes – but worth it for special occasions, certainly.  I took a small sliver to taste how it would come out, and then took another small sliver, and then another…

I learned also that the more people who came, the more types of dishes you were supposed to have – up to 18 different items for 15 people dining at your house.  Yikes!  Chicken Fricassee and Sally Lunn are 100% hits, but there are a million others that I’m dying to try.  In the recipe-testing column, are these:

For desert, Syllabub (from the cook book).  But definitely Martha Washington’s spice cake and marzipan hedgehogs.  Those hedgehogs are my FAVORITE thing so far. So cute that I don’t even care if they taste bad.

So, no kitchen disasters yet. And if the best happens, I’ll have a whole slew of fun recipes under my belt for special occasions.  My stomach is looking forward to it, as are my fancy history vibes (don’t ask me what those actually are, I couldn’t tell you).

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From the Email File

From the notorious email file… I would like to present you with several posts about eating.  It was too good not to do a second post.  This might be it, though.


Me: To Whom It May Concern (Just in case you’re confused, that’s you),

This is a reminder that you have a hot date tonight with the most amazing woman in the world (Just in case you’re confused, that’s me). Don’t forget about me and go play DnD before I can eat dinner with you, OK?  See you soon!!

Brian: Thank you for your email. One of our representatives will respond to you within 3-4 business years.

Me: I’m sorry, but that’s unacceptable.  I’d like to speak to your manager immediately.

Brian: She’s experiencing a backlog of complaints. Allow 6-8 years for a response.


Me: I just found out that it’s Baked Potato Day… in DCA only and nowhere else!  Oh the injustice!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??

Brian: You’re weird, dear.

Me: And you married me.

In related news, I finished everything I absolutely have to do today early.  I think a trip to DCA is in order…

Brian: LOL. 🙂



It is strongly recommended that you not go to lunch at Café Adobe today.  Your wife will most likely want to eat dinner there, and it will be a tragedy if she cannot, due to your prior dining at the establishment.  That is all.

Brian: According to Google Maps, the nearest Café Adobe is in San Jose, so I’ll just go to Taco Adobe instead. 😛

Me: So what you’re saying is… you don’t love me enough to take me to San Jose tonight?

Brian: No. I’m saying that it’s a six hour drive, and I don’t think we’ll get back in time for your 7:00 class. Just thinking of you, dear. 🙂

Me: Oh, we’ll have plenty of time if we fly into Oakland for dinner and then fly back for class.  I have Dramamine stashed in my purse…

Brian: You do realize that this isn’t like Star Trek, where we can magically beam ourselves onto an airplane bound for San Jose, right? We actually have to drive to the Long Beach airport, board an airplane, fly to San Jose, disembark, hail a taxi to the restaurant, eat, hail a taxi back, board another airplane, fly back to Long Beach, then drive from the airport to your class; all in the space of two hours. I should also mention the niggling, little detail that there aren’t any flights leaving for San Jose from Long Beach this evening.

Other than that, your plan sounds perfect. Perfectly CRAZY!

Me: Can I just say that I love that you looked up the logistics getting an airplane from Long Beach.

Also… I’ve been brainwashed by Star Trek to think that we can, in fact, beam ourselves aboard an airplane bound for San Jose.  And it’s not magic, it’s 24th century science.  Duh.

Brian:  Then my work is done.  Also, I’ve never been more turned on than I am right now.


Brian: I’m frustrated… [insert work rant here]. Please, can I just have my life back the way it was?

Me: I just want you to know that all your troubles are over because, lo, it is Baked Potato Day and the peasants rejoice.

Brian: I don’t like potatoes. 😛

Me: Um…EVERYONE likes the Disney potatoes.  Besides, you don’t have to actually eat one for its good mojo to get all over your day.

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