Short Stories Galore


I haven’t done a post on how the writing is going for a long time, so I thought I’d do an update.

My attempt in June to write a bunch of stories based on cool photos I found mostly hasn’t panned out, because I’m flighty.  And because everything I’m writing these days has somehow ended up CRAZY, unsaleablely long.  I’ll maybe finish them someday, but right now I’d rather spend energy on other things.  Especially since it’s now the end of July and I’m no closer to making my New Year’s resolution than I was in January.  I mean, I guess I’m 2 dozen rejection letters closer, if we want to get technical…

In lieu of completing anything new, I ended up taking that time for administrative organization: I cataloged all the pieces of short stories that I have lying around, the full stories that were too problematic to print and needed re-writes, and organized the records of where I’ve sent everything I’m currently shopping.  Not fun, but a necessary part of this ‘trying to get published’ stuff.

I did drastic edits of 2 imperfect short stories, and am now doing rewrites on another 2 unfinished works that I’m hoping to get rotating.  Right now, I have 4 things on the market.  That’s at least twice as many as I’ve had at any given time before now.  I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.

I’m on draft 3 of my novel synopsis, too.  Which is just as hard to write as all they say it should be, if you were wondering.  Legitimately awful.  I’ve given myself a tentative finish date of August 1st.  It’s coming up quick!

So, no real news to report.  Just the ongoing tide of stories out and stories in that has become my regular course of things.  I’m feeling good about movement, though.  At least I’m being productive.

Now on to all that editing.

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