Camp NaNoWriMo


Well, Camp Nanowrimo is coming up in April.  And everyone knows I can’t resist a good Nanowrimo.  So here comes the age-old dilemma on whether I should participate or not…

I’ve resisted the camp version of Nano for 2 years now because it’s just not as helpful.  The atmosphere is different at camp, the stakes are less, and there are less people participating.  I have never lost a November Nanowrimo, but I have won Camp only 50% of the time.  I always have high hopes about the cabin process and am inevitably disappointed.  It’s just not ideal, neither for my work style nor for my current projects.

But it’s also a giant writing party on the internet.  How do I stay away from that?

So, the questions are – is it worth it?  And what project would I commit to?  I already have more drafts of novels than I know what to do with. I don’t actually want to write a novel in a month right now, either.  That takes stamina, man.  So that leaves progress on current projects by benchmark.  I have half a mind to commit to 4 short stories in 4 weeks.  Setting actual, measurable goals for this draft of Blue Gentian would be helpful, too.

I don’t know… I have a month to decide, right?  Nothing is happening over there until April.

Giant writing party on the internet!  And their art is so cool this time around, too!

Or maybe I should just keep plugging and forget the whole Camp Nanowrimo thing. It’s hardly ever a good idea.


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