On My Disney Desk

Sitting on my desk right now is:


A delicious lemon poppy seed muffin.

An empty bottle of water

A flashlight marked “Global Documentation” for safety, if an emergency happens and the lights go out.

A computer tower

A computer monitor

A keyboard, wrist rest, and mouse

A mouse pad printed with the magic carpet from Aladdin, a Musical Spectacular. It’s a mini version of the costume they use for the show.

The longest stapler known to man.  A whole sheet of paper can fit in the back of it.

A tower of circular fabric swatches.  Some are a purple gabardine for the Mayor of Toontown.  Some are a gold silk, for tuxedo tails and top hat.

Two tambourine jingles for the Mardi Gras Male hats.

A bag of circle swatches containing fabrics for Cymbal Dancer.

A bag of circle swatches containing fabrics for Christmas Elf

Documentation, including pretty pictures, for Cymbal Dancer

Documentation, including pretty pictures, for Christmas Elf

Three empty black report folders – eventually will contain documentation.

A large, black telephone with too many buttons

A pair of brown tights, and a pair of brown knee highs.

Meeting notes from last week’s meeting with Florida Costuming

A lint roller.


You must admit that this is impressive, given that my desk is four feet by two, and I can barely tuck my legs underneath.  🙂

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