I was in need of Ninja Assassins for a class assignment.  I can’t explain, you’ll just have to trust me.   Just kidding, the Ninja’s made me say that.  I really can explain, and here it is:

A man trips while getting off a bus, a woman smiles, less than 250 words, unconventional format.  Those were the rules my professor gave me.  Unconventional format? Definitely Savage Worlds module.  Also, Savage Worlds always equals Ninja Assassins.  It is a given.  Now I just had to work the bus in there.

Ninja Assassins don’t hang out at bus stops, Brian told me when I read him my module.  You don’t need Ninja Assassins, you need Japanese Gangsters with mad martial arts skills.  And maybe with machine guns.  A quick Wikipedia search later, he found The Triad.  In Japan, they called themselves the Yakuza.  Actual historical Japanese gangsters with martial arts skills and machine guns? Sold!  I have history on my side now, too.

Yakuza?  I said.  Bless you.

Knock Knock, said Brian. Who’s there? Yakuza. Yakuza who? Yakuza guy for asking, but would you like to get a drink some time?

I laughed for way longer than decency allowed.

We’re probably terrible people.  Also, why is actual history so much better than anything I could dream up myself?

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