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Old Computer Files


My computer has started making strange noises.  For the record, it’s still running fine.  It just wheezes a little when it’s closed.  I know… but it runs so well that I often forget it’s almost 5 years old now.  Practically geriatric.  I panicked a little.  My entire life is on that machine and I felt like I needed to back everything up NOW, ASAP, TODAY.

I have this little flash drive that I’ve been keeping my life on since, oh, 2004?  I go in and clean it up whenever it’s needed, so there was plenty of space.  Everything fit except the pictures.  I am now (mostly) safe, and so is my novel.  The funny thing was the old stuff that was on there.  Like a Chrome copy of my first blog – A Gal and her Blog (instead of a boy and his dog) – which was an old site I made in FrontPage, learned some HTML for, and hosted on Tripod.  Yes, I am that old on the internet.  And have not lost any of my relish for terrible puns.  I also found my constitution for the micronation of Kwedregiol, very old photos of me in front of the plastic cows at the (now defunct) Hilltop Steak House in Massachusetts, and much kitten goodness for our original duo.  They look so young!

I’ve only read through bits of it.  I was a bit sad to find that the blog is pretty terrible.  But I remember being SO PROUD of that constitution.  It took me ages to work on the preamble and I read a ton of other constitutions (if you’re interested and you have time, definitely look up the 1940s Japanese constitution).  I should dig out the Kwedregiol one, make edits, and post it.  I don’t know why it wasn’t evident to everyone that I should be a History Major before I did it, in retrospect.  I mean, I wrote a constitution for the fun of it…

The writing is not going well, but it is going.  So I guess I can’t complain.

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On My Disney Desk

Sitting on my desk right now is:


A delicious lemon poppy seed muffin.

An empty bottle of water

A flashlight marked “Global Documentation” for safety, if an emergency happens and the lights go out.

A computer tower

A computer monitor

A keyboard, wrist rest, and mouse

A mouse pad printed with the magic carpet from Aladdin, a Musical Spectacular. It’s a mini version of the costume they use for the show.

The longest stapler known to man.  A whole sheet of paper can fit in the back of it.

A tower of circular fabric swatches.  Some are a purple gabardine for the Mayor of Toontown.  Some are a gold silk, for tuxedo tails and top hat.

Two tambourine jingles for the Mardi Gras Male hats.

A bag of circle swatches containing fabrics for Cymbal Dancer.

A bag of circle swatches containing fabrics for Christmas Elf

Documentation, including pretty pictures, for Cymbal Dancer

Documentation, including pretty pictures, for Christmas Elf

Three empty black report folders – eventually will contain documentation.

A large, black telephone with too many buttons

A pair of brown tights, and a pair of brown knee highs.

Meeting notes from last week’s meeting with Florida Costuming

A lint roller.


You must admit that this is impressive, given that my desk is four feet by two, and I can barely tuck my legs underneath.  🙂

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