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I’m posting Brian’s note about our anniversary trip instead of writing my own.  He feels better about it than I do.  I mean, our tenth anniversary trip was not going to live up to the hype.  I knew that already.  I was just hoping that it would not be filled with all my most glaring faults: my disorganization, my forgetfulness, my inability to physically handle nature, my insecurities about all these faults.  But we did have a good time overall.  I love him lots, and there is no better person to face adversity with. 

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The good news is, Casey reserved a tent in Yosemite Valley for the weekend.

The bad news is, she accidentally reserved it for April instead of July.

The good news is, we were still able to get a cabin for the night.

The bad news is, it was 90 degrees outside and we had no air conditioner.

The good news is, the next morning, we were able to hike up to Vernal Falls.

The bad news is, we couldn’t get another room for Saturday night like we hoped.

The good news is, we found a Holiday Inn near Sequoia National Park with air conditioning.

The bad news is, I set Casey’s purse down at General Sherman Tree to take pictures and we left it behind. (Casey edit – it’s so nice that he’s taking credit for my inability to keep track of my purse.  We all know better)

The good news is, we got tickets to tour Crystal Cave.

The bad news is, Casey got the first stages of heat exhaustion on the half mile trip back to the car.

The good news is, when we got home, we had a message on our phone saying they’d found Casey’s purse.

Like our relationship over the years, it was a lot of ups and downs, but like our relationship, we somehow managed to have a lot of fun through it all. I love you, Casey. Here’s to 10 more years of chaos and shenanigans. 🙂

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Things I Learned This Weekend:

The crows at Yosemite say “Pocket, pocket?” in addition to crowing like the normal ones. They are also very fat and glossy.

Western Gray Squirrels hike at the same pace that I do.  Yes, this is very depressing. 

There is a Scandinavian themed restaurant in the raisin capital of the world that has a ten foot tall California Raisin in the lobby.  It also has train, carousel, and medieval weaponry themed décor, and a set of stained glass windows featuring the home life of garden gnomes.  There are black swans in the courtyard.

Of all the things to lose in my purse, it was the National Park passport and the stamps I can never replace that I was the most panicked about.  Although that piano wallet is pretty cute.   

There’s no bed like home (with Air Conditioning!!!!).


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