Things I Learned This Weekend:

The crows at Yosemite say “Pocket, pocket?” in addition to crowing like the normal ones. They are also very fat and glossy.

Western Gray Squirrels hike at the same pace that I do.  Yes, this is very depressing. 

There is a Scandinavian themed restaurant in the raisin capital of the world that has a ten foot tall California Raisin in the lobby.  It also has train, carousel, and medieval weaponry themed décor, and a set of stained glass windows featuring the home life of garden gnomes.  There are black swans in the courtyard.

Of all the things to lose in my purse, it was the National Park passport and the stamps I can never replace that I was the most panicked about.  Although that piano wallet is pretty cute.   

There’s no bed like home (with Air Conditioning!!!!).


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