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It’s Clarion Time Again


I am participating in the Clarion Writeathon again.  I’m probably participating because I’m a dreamer.  Six weeks in San Diego writing for your life with an amazing group of people sounds like the best kind of experience.  I live through it vicariously every year.  Right now, I cannot go – even if I could manage to get in.  There is no way I can take six weeks off from my job and still have a job to return to.  The mortgage doesn’t like that very much.

But some day, I will get there.  I will need a scholarship when I do. So really, I’m just paying it forward in small increments. Consider donating a bit to help us all out?  Every bit helps, and who knows… maybe you will also be funding yourself for someday.  Or join and write with me.  That’s the best kind of participation there is.  My profile is here:

As part of the writeathon, I’m planning on putting the novel up on Wattpad for anyone to read.  I wasn’t sure I should do this, but I’m a big proponent of the fact that if you’re asking people to fund you for writing, they should be able to see said writing.  The Beta draft isn’t done yet, so I’ll be editing as I post.  I’m hoping to post a chapter per weekday, and it will be here:  First eight chapters are already up.

When it’s all done, I plan to put out a call for more concrete feedback.  Like I said, I’m not under any illusions that this thing is finished.  I think it’s SUPER close, though.  Draft 9, for those who are counting…  And please, please, please – if you have comments on how to improve the novel don’t hesitate to tell me.

Just a brief synopsis, and then I’m done.

Okay, I lied.  I also want to thank you a million times over for reading this blog, and for reading my stuff.  I get a little emotional when I realize how many of you there are now.  You’re amazing.

NOW I’ll post they synopsis:

Blue Gentian

Blue Gentian:

Salya has a talent for healing, a deep sense of tradition, and a love for the mountain path she travels every day with the band of traders that is her family.  But on the night she announces her Handcalling, when she dedicates her life to becoming a healer to replace her Grandmother, she finds a boy named Bren unconscious and bleeding by the stream.

While nursing Bren, Salya discovers that he is a spy with information that will save the life of the queen of Kwedregiol. Now she is faced with a decision: she can let Bren journey to the white city, alone and wounded. Or she can go with Bren, abandoning her life as a healer, in the scant hope that they will be able to save the kingdom before the assassins strike.

Something you’re interested in? Here’s that link again:

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