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Making Good Art – With a Vengeance


Sorry for the radio silence.  This has been a week.  And not the good kind.  It started when Brian and I spent Sunday in the vet’s office with a very sick dog.  I was babysitting the pack of two for my mother when she was visiting in Nipomo. Spunky, golden Molly waddled out of the bushes Sunday morning, threw up on the red bricks of the patio twice, and then collapsed.  We spread a sheet in the back of our white Chevy Malibu and took her right in.  She’ll live, but she needed surgery for the plastic shards of the dental floss box that she ate, as well as all the floss that tangled in her tract.  She’s already been informed that she’s not allowed to eat weird things anymore.

Monday culminated in probably the worst rejection I’ve ever received.  My senior thesis will not be published.  The representatives from the journal were not just discouraging.  They were outright vitriolic.  They were mean-spirited and self-righteous in ways only academics can achieve.  I cried a few times.  I tried to figure out if it could be re-written.  Without the funds of the school behind me, additional research to do re-writes will be nigh impossible.  I don’t know any Deaf historians who would critique it for me, and I hate asking favors of even people I know.

I called it a day on non-fiction.  I read Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art and was able to edit four chapters of my novel.  I realized how much I enjoyed being a historian again, if only for fifteen minutes or so, and how much I’d like to go to grad school.

Halloween opens at Disneyland today.  The new fiscal year starts in 2 weeks.  To say that I have been busy at work would be an understatement.  I have been running around frantically, arms full of costumes and fabric and shipping documents, and still failing to get a full third of all the things done.     At the second job, I still can’t figure out how to order office supplies.  I don’t have paperclips, or even a pair of scissors.  I have to go three buildings over if I need to use the copier.  I can’t get the temperamental data reporting system to work for me, either.

Brian read Clutter Busting by Brooks Palmer for book club at his church this week.  Then he made me read it too.  It’s been a good thing, but we spent most of our time this week talking about what is emotionally wrong with us that we have to collect all this stuff.  Clean out day is Sunday, and I have a feeling we’ll be trashing a lot of things.

I hope this weekend is better.  I don’t think I can take another week like the one I just lived through.  I’m charging on, though.  I’m making good art.

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Make Good Art


It’s summer now, and I have less to occupy my time.  This means that the annual book devouring is in full force.  I’ve read seven books in two and a half weeks.  I have four waiting on my shelves for their turn.  Keeping me in books is a problem that I have only found one solution to, and yet my library card at Chapman expires on July 6th.

“I hope someone gives me Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art,” I told Brian a few days before I graduated.

“Did you ask anyone for it?” Brian said.


Brian laughed, “Then why do you think someone will give it to you?”

“I don’t really expect it,” I said.  “My love of Neil Gaiman is well known, though.  I’m more just hoping.  It’s a graduation speech, it’s about life and stuff.  It’s really the perfect present.  Someone should think of it.”

No one thought of it.  Instead people gave me money, so I bought the book for myself.  (Not that I’m knocking money.  Money is really great.)  The book is really more of an art book than an actual book book.  The remarkable thing about it is the way the artist did the typesetting.  It reads like Neil Gaiman’s vocal inflections while he was giving the speech.  Inside the back flap, the book told me, “This is really great.  You should enjoy it.”  Well, I did.  Your command is my command.  (Wait, that’s not right…)

I may be biased.  I’m a vehement Neil Gaiman fan almost to the point of obsession.  (“Almost?” Brian would say.  “It’s gone far beyond almost.”  It’s really his wife I’m twitter stalking, though, I promise!)

I’ve ordered my copy of Ocean At The End Of The Lane, and those other books will all just have to wait their turn once it arrives.  I can hardly wait until mid-June when my signed copy gets here.  I’m hoping for a ghost.

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