Some VERY Good News


I had a whole other blog post planned for this morning, but I had to pause and tell you all the great news I received on Sunday.  Are you ready?  Here it is:

My story, Plenty Of Fish, was accepted by Bewildering Stories!  (!!!)

It’s set in a 1920s-ish alternate universe where clouds of fish come from the sky each summer.  Small, gifted Hero attends an institute to learn how to catch one.

I’m still waiting on the official date of publication and all, but it will definitely appear in the near future.  I’ve been shopping this story for months now, and it’s something I’m really proud of.  So proud, I was sure it would find a home eventually.  Bewildering Stories has extended it a warm welcome.  I’m thrilled to be among the ranks of their talented writers.  Thanks, guys!

I will shout it all from the rooftop so you can check it out when I have an official date to report.  Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Story drop date is November 16th.  Yay!

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One thought on “Some VERY Good News

  1. Congratulations!!

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