So, this thing has been going on for a couple of weeks now.  I have been perpetually disorganized this last month, and am definitely remiss in posting this so late. But better late than never, right? I had to wait until payday to buy the book (because I didn’t realize they don’t charge you until it prints) and didn’t feel comfortable plugging something I hadn’t bought, even if I was going to buy it. Um, I mean, I was trying to stagger my release of this blog to help Mike keep his momentum going.  Of course.  Yes, that was my plan all along (shifty eyes).

So here it is:

I’m going to tell you about this good friend of mine.  His name is Mike Melilli, and he’s got a grasp of story that is, well, masterful I guess.  Except that description seems so pale.  I can’t say that I hate him for it, because he’s the sort of guy that is gregarious and unhateable.  I’m sure you know the feeling, though.  That jealousy that someone else has easy command of something you’re trying so hard to learn, while at the same time being floored by it.

I am telling you this because he’s writing a book, and we all know how hard that is.  MUCH harder than anyone who hasn’t done it thinks it possibly could be.  I already know he’s a good storyteller, because we’ve played Dungeons and Dragons/Savage Worlds in the same group together for, oh, certainly over five years.  Maybe closer to seven?  But I haven’t seen any of his writing.  Until now.

Mike is crowd-funding a book through preorders at Inkshare, and if his excerpt is any indication, the book going to be an AMAZING fantasy/thriller mashup. The whys and wherefores that have led him to this novel are his story to tell, not mine, so I will let him tell it.  You can read about him and his novel here: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/3point8?recommended=true.  I’m 100% excited to read the final product.

Several reasons you should buy his book: 1) It’s going to be a really good book.  2) 50% of the profits are going to Forever Footprints, a charity that supports families who have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss.  3) The book is a steal at only $4.99 if you’re willing to sign up for an Inkshare account.  4) If you buy now (before the end of September), it will help Mike win a contest that guarantees he’ll get it published.

Thanks so much for letting me spout off about this.  More books in the world = more readers = a better world.  You can help bring one more into existence, you know.

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