Old Email Files


Brian and I e-mail each other back and forth at work.  It used to be more frequent, when we were both less busy, but quite a few silly things fly back and forth on the internets between us still.  I’ve saved most of the funniest ones in my email, and I was reading over them this morning.  Among many references to Baked Potato Day and odd pictures of bunnies, I found this gem from several years ago:

Me: Just so you know, we’re attending PBDA’s dance on Saturday July 2nd no matter what.  It’s Pete Jacobs Wartime Radio Revue, and they’re awesome.

Brian: Oh… I think I’m sick that weekend. Let me check my calendar… 😛

Me: I think it must me Jackass Fever… that’s what happens when you’re such a jerk all the time.

Brian: I think that’s a childhood disease. 🙂

Me: Yes, but you can get it when you’re an adult too.  It’s supposed to be way worse when you’re older, like Chicken Pox.

Brian: Chicken Pox, when you’re older, are called shingles. Jack Ass Fever, when you’re older, is called handsome.

Me: Thanks for that bit of trivia.  I had always heard it called Paininthepatoot, but that must be its Latin name.

Brian: No, you’re thinking of the condition where you have a great, big, ol’ stick up your butt. That usually only affects old people with lawns.

Me: It’s a good thing we don’t have a lawn, otherwise you would be highly susceptible.  Gasp!

Brian: Hey! I’m not old!

Me: Of course you’re not, dear.

Brian: Damn skippy. Now, as I was… wait… was that sarcasm?

Me: Of course not.  I would never be sarcastic to you.

Brian: Okay, good. Now as I was… wait a second… what was I talking about again?

Me: We were talking about how handsome you are.

Brian: That’s a discussion that could take hours.

Me: It really could.  I just wanted to say that you’re extra handsome when you take me out to see Pete Jacobs and his Wartime Radio Revue.

Brian: I am? Well in that case, we should go see them. When are they playing again?

Me: Saturday night, July 2nd 🙂

Brian: We are so there!

In closing, I would like to offer you two pictures of bunnies for your viewing pleasure.  This e-mail file is GOLD, I tell you.

unnamed image001

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One thought on “Old Email Files

  1. mystwyrd

    Jealous. Last week my wife and I had a nice exchange while she was at work and I was trying (successfully) to put our daughter to sleep. But I would have to go many years into the past and one or two email accounts ago to find our old daily exchanges.

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