Six in Six


I am between things right now. The novel is finally going well, although it is somewhat on hold while Brian reads it and tells me what he thinks. We have only had one fight so far about it, which must be some sort of record.

This means that, for the first time in a LONG time, I don’t have anything that I’m supposed to be writing and procrastinating on. Like, the first time in 3+ years. I’m not entirely sure what to do with myself. I had tentative plans to write a bunch of short stories, but so far I’m having a hard time making that resolution stick. This is where the blog comes in…

I’m committing to 6 stories in 6 weeks. I’ve created a separate page for them on the website, so you can ignore or partake as you wish. They’ll be a bit edited, but they won’t have all gone through the rigorous process I usually put things through before calling them Done (with a capital D). They’re probably not all going to be good stuff – the last time I did this about 3 of the 6 stories were things I considered worth the effort of revising.

The publishing schedule is also likely to be erratic. All 6 stories will be posted on the blog by April 1, but I make no other promises regarding regularity. In addition, because I’m putting them on a separate page and not on the Journal of Bloggyness, you may not get them in your inbox. I’ll keep the “News” page updated with what’s up, and I’ll also post on my Facebook page whenever there’s a new one ( I hope you’re interested enough to follow.

And if not, that’s okay too. I’m mostly doing this because if I tell 500+ people on the internet it’s happening, then it HAS to happen. There’s nothing like public shame to give a girl some motivation.

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