The Holidays


I have been SO busy getting ready for the holidays. The tree is up (and smells amazing), and the kitten has not tried to climb the tree or ingest any of the ornaments. It’s a Christmas miracle. There is still so much to be done, of the baking, cooking, and wrapping varieties.

The oranges are ripe in Redlands. They are heavy and bright on the deep green trees in the orchard near our house. We don’t have orange trees in our own yard yet, but our neighbor has a branch that lops over our side of the fence with four orange orbs hanging off it. Most of the oranges that I have had from off trees are sour, but these are so juicy that sticky stuff runs down your arm and they are sweet, sweet. Note to self: plant orange trees in yard ASAP.

I raided my mother’s garage for excess furniture. One of the (many) pieces she gave me was a bunged up, vaguely tortoise-shell mirror. I cleaned it up and painted the frame a bright crimson. It looks so good on that light blue wall in the living room above the fireplace. She also gave me her coffee table. The décor is so classy in the house that I’m not sure Brian and I can live there. We’re not nearly polished enough.

In the shuffle of stuff to finish before it All Happens, it’s easy to forget to wish everyone a happy holidays. Yes, happy holidays. Because what if I also want you to have a happy New Year, Boxing Day, Festivus, and Kwanza (Hanukkah is over at this point, isn’t it?). The more holidays the better, I always say. I hope yours are filled with joy and with people who spoil you rotten.

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