The Good, The Bad


To be honest, the end of this year is going out just as it came in. This year was full of either ecstasy or despair and nothing in between… So perhaps it’s fitting that our heater crapped out on us and is unfixable, that we haven’t been able to get the front planter paved over because of all the rain (and mud), the kitten has torn up the guest room carpet, and the Christmas present budget has made things fairly tight.

But in the ecstasy tradition, we are having Christmas day in our new home for the very first time. There will be fourteen of us to sit around the new (and gorgeous) dining room table and eat turkey. In the morning, we’ll enjoy our traditional Harry and David pears and cinnamon rolls in front of the fireplace while we open gifts. I hope the house feels stuffed to the brim. I hope the heat of the oven, and the heat of 14 people, makes it all a bearable temperature in there… (fixing the heater isn’t in the cards until the year turns. Don’t worry, it’s only been in the low 60s.)

I hope you all have the holiday you’re dreaming of as well.


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