Tim, not Tam

I thought I’d post more fiction.  This was an assignment for a class I took last semester.  It had to be exactly 300 words, each word could only be a syllable long, and it had to mimic a sound.  It also had to be a complete story, with a beginning, middle and end, and I was given the first line.  I went for a typewriter:

The phone rang twice. Tim peaked at the time. It was too late for calls. Tim tipped his seat to take it.

“Tim. Talk,” he said.

“Tam…” the tone spat, “Tam’s time ticks.”

“No, not Tam. Tim,” said Tim.

“We stab Tam soon-”

“What?” Tim broke in, “Don’t you know it’s close to twelve? Trashy tales waste my time. This isn’t Tam. I’m Tim.” Tim hung up.

Night tickled the room. Tick, tock the clock clicked.

Tap, Tap. A tree branch hit the pane.

Tim touched his palms to his brow. I’m too tired for this, he thought. The clock struck twelve. Time to turn in. Tim stood, and stepped toward the stair.

Tap, Tap. The tree branch turned. It was a hand. It bent and twitched at Tim. “Tam…” it squeaked.

Tim turned. “No, not Tam. Tim.”

“Tam… you took it. You didn’t ask. You tried to take it by tricks, but now it will take you.”

The sill creaked. Many a piece of tall, trim Night met at the center of the room.

“My title is Tim, NOT TAM,” said Tim.

“Tim, not Tam?” the tone asked.

“Yes!” said Tim.

“Tsk, tsk. Sorry,” the Night squeaked. Then it left.

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