This Is Why My Marriage is Awesome:

Brian: it’s a penguin emoticon

Me: The penguin of emoticon? What, is that like some new sci-fi thing?

Brian: No, emoticon, like the smiley things you put in e-mail.

Me: OH!! I’m disappointed. It should totally be a new sci-fi thing. And the penguins should tap dance.

Brian: No tap dancing. They fly through space in spaceships, and fight with swords. Obviously.

Me: YES! I’ll bet penguins like it in space, it’s nice and cold. In fact, they left Earth because of global warming, and now they’re in an epic battle for their future against polar bears! You need to make this happen. It’s grounded in science!

Brian: Umm… I don’t think penguins or polar bears have a space program.

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One thought on “This Is Why My Marriage is Awesome:

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