Emer’s Diary

April 23, 1033

The theater last night was absolutely wonderful in every way possible.  There was a troupe of gnomish acrobats wearing spangled costumes in every color of the rainbow, and the way they danced and leapt across the stage was magic in itself. They did things I didn’t even know it was possible for bodies to do! It will be something I will remember for the rest of my life. 

I Mud to Watered Ananalie’s shoes last night and the hem of her velvet cloak as well, for a thank you. Now all the girls want to know how I did it and if I can teach them, but I really don’t feel up to it. The added work load would be too much, I think. Especially with all the studying I’m trying to do in what spare time I have.

May 1, 1033

I got my first month’s salary today, and it’s more than I’ve ever made in my life! It’s one thing on paper, but to actually hold that amount of money in my hand is amazingly wonderful. I never thought this place would be possible for me to love and fit into, but I love it more than I ever loved that village of temples up in the hills.

I have since discovered that independent study groups are frowned upon, at least between the girls of the finishing school. I heard Madam Glerda discussing it with one of the other teachers in the hall last week.

“It’s just completely irresponsible, that’s what it is.” She said vehemently to the little Halfling woman that teaches poise and posture. “They’re here to learn how to run a household, and to become Ladies, not to dabble in arts that can be dangerous for those who don’t fully understand them.”

“Well, I’m sure Barmando didn’t think it through before he spoke, Madam.” The Halfling answered her as they turned around the corner, and her voice faded from my hearing. I was glad I didn’t start that study group with all my heart at that moment. Madam Glerda isn’t so bad, but I’m sure they would have hauled me up in front of Madam Damynda herself if they thought I had been breaking the rules, and I would rather face anything than the wrath of Madam Damynda.

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