Emer’s Diary

April 13, 1033

My last entry was interrupted somewhat abruptly.  I’ve settled into my schedule a little more lately, and I realize that I have quite a lot of time in the afternoons to do whatever I want to.  I’ve been studying hard on my own to keep ahead of the classes as much as possible, but I haven’t been making much headway.  I met another Elf in the library yesterday, Lillias, and I think we may begin studying together.  She and I hit it off quite a lot, and she’s slightly more advanced than I am.  Hopefully she can teach me some of what she’s learning in class.  I now realize that I won’t have time for formal instruction, as all the classes take place in the mornings when I need to be working.  I’ve said a quick hello to some of the girls in my dormitory wing (evidently courtesy is one of the lessons), but I haven’t truly had a conversation with any of them.  They all float around in the most beautiful dresses and I feel positively shabby in my shapeless robes walking the same corridors as they do.  I must be quite the comical sight, a heap of green and yellow material shlumping about in the halls versus their flowerlike frocks.  At least my shoes are dainty.  I use Xanda’s handy little spell every time I go out, then set my slippers on the window sill to dry overnight.  Magical. 

I have a neat little tree outside my window.  It was gnarly and odd looking when I first arrived, but it soon put out little green shoots in all the rain, and now pink flowers are blossoming all over it.  It’s made my view quite nice.  I sit and embroider before it in the evenings sometimes. I’ve finished my little pouch, and have started to embroider a little book on the bag of holding like the ones all over the school. I intend to do my slippers next, though with what I have no idea. 

On Tuesdays, I try to spend a little time on the green lawn beside the school practicing my spells. I let the element build up inside my chest, channel it through to my finger tips, and then let it dissipate before I send anything off.  I wouldn’t want to damage the grounds at all, but it’s important to have practical experience. And better the grounds than the University itself. I really have very little real world experience using my abilities and I’m a bit afraid that when presented with a real situation, all my theories will just fly out the window in the penetration of fear that would invade myself. But I don’t know for sure, and practice makes perfect. Tuesday is the perfect day, because that’s the day the prep classes go on field trips around Brindol, and there are less people around. 

I haven’t braved the city itself yet. I’m still exploring the University and building up my confidence in this metropolis. Maybe someday soon.

April 19, 1033

Lillias and I have been studying together at least twice a week, and I’m coming along so quickly in my studies now that it’s almost obscene. I dream of force at night, and fire in the day, and I feel permanently blissful under the surface of my calm Teacher’s Helper persona. Annandale is as unavailable as ever, spending more time in his private office than out of it. He’s always extremely friendly to me when we do spend time together, and I’ve taken to bringing him dinner from the mess whenever he’s in his office past nightfall.  It’s not part of my job, but he seems to appreciate it and occasionally he’s in a chatty mood and I can ask him some questions about spells that have been stumping Lillias and me.  He may not be a Wizard, but he knows more about magic than anyone I’ve ever met. I’m trying my best to keep everything as orderly as he likes it, but it’s difficult with all the students traipsing in at all hours and asking for notes on every subject under the sun. 

I finally learned Orb of Force, a tricky spell that I’ve been working on for months now. It feels good to be so productive!

April 22, 1033

Madam Glerda, the supervisor of the Finishing School, asked me to attend the theater with them tonight! I’ve never seen anything other than the occasional wandering minstrel, so theater on this scale is a completely new thing to me. I can hardly wait! 

I’ve made tentative friends with Ananalie, the human girl next door, and she’s lending me a dress so I don’t feel completely out of place. The dress is a little big on me (OK, more than a little big), but she taught me how to tie the sleeves in the latest style and gushed over my newly embroidered slippers, so I felt like quite the little fashionista, though really I’m nothing when compared to the other girls. I’m getting as energetic as the humans, evidently, living with them nonstop as I do now.

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  1. A blog from the perspective of your character? Very nicely done. Keep up the amazing work.

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