A Change in Format

I just don’t have time anymore to write little blurbs about my life and post them, especially when I’m trying to maintain my other blog about learning ASL, and going to school, and working, and trying to speak to my husband, expand my art skills, and try to write some fiction in my spare time (as if I had spare time to begin with).  My mother calls me her long lost daughter.  So I’ve decided I’m changing the format of this blog.

I have a lot of little bits and blurbs of fiction I’ve written, and I’m always attempting to write more.  Hopefully, if I have a regular post schedule and am keeping myself on track, I can write fiction more regularly.  I have three ideas for books in my head right now, so bits and blurbs of those will most likely be appearing.  I will attempt to update every Wednesday.

I’d like to include a quick disclaimer though… All the things posted will be rough drafts of works in progress and there will most certainly be inconsistencies and other problems throughout the writing.  Sorry, but it’s going to be par for the course if I’m writing as I go and change my mind or find out things don’t work etc… 

Thanks for reading!

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