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Twitter Love

It is one of those days when it feels like disaster is imminent, but never seems to arrive.  I was almost late for work, but the traffic resolved itself.  It sounded like we had a major costuming miss-communication that cost us thousands of dollars, but then we saw the pictures.  I thought I left my lunch at home, and then I realized I planned ahead and it’s in the fridge at work.  I’m left with the feeling that I’m probably just a very paranoid person. 

In better news, I’ve been given the OK to man the Twitter account at work!  We’re @ChapmanCoPA if you’re interested.  Lots of performing art stuff will be posted.  I am absolutely in love with Twitter.  I find it hard to explain just what Twitter is, though.  It’s really all about stalking celebrities, and being challenged to hold your thoughts to 140 characters.  It has amazing things that Facebook does not.  This does not, however, explain to a boss why it’s necessary to have.  Luckily, she just took me at my word.

There are many things I would not know exist in this world if it wasn’t for Twitter.  Here are several.  You should really check them out.


Spock Twerking:

Devo Raccoon:

Martin Short Eating Donuts:

Gates Mcfadden’s 1/8th:


Is there anything better than this ridiculousness?  Well, maybe crepes.



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