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You Really Like Me


What has been the most amazing to me during this job search is the number of people I have who are pulling for me.  It’s flabbergasting.  I love them for it.  Some of these are people that I don’t even know that well, or only on a brief professional level.  People like Brian’s boss and the professors at Dodge have offered to keep an eye out for jobs, pondering who they can call.  They’re also people I’ve worked closer with, like my current boss who has been sending me jobs to apply for and offering to go over my resume.  My friends are there for me, too.  My inbox is full of words of support and more job links, and offers of resume help.  Brian has provided days of flowers and shoulders to cry on.

It’s made everything so much easier to bear.  You like me.  You really like me, I say like Sally Fields.  I am the sort of gal who hates to ask favors of people, so the fact that others have offered means all the more.  I really like you too.   Thanks for the support.

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Today, I graduate.  I have always been a believer that thanks and props should be public, especially when they involve Brian, and especially because the rest of our relationship is fairly private.  Without his support, this day would not have arrived.  Here is the contents of the card I gave him this morning:


There are many, many reasons why you are my favorite.  Your love and support while I completed my BA is just one of them.  I know it wasn’t always easy to pay bills, that our life stalled a bit, and there were whole semesters sometimes where we didn’t see each other.   For every fight you had with me about a paper, I want to thank you.  There were so many nights that your encouraging words were all that was between me and despair.

I will always remember the night we lit candles in the piazza with the incoming class, and the night we danced to the band at Senior Convocation, or the thousands of magical Chapman moments in between. Thanks for taking this journey with me, and for sacrificing while I took it.  I love you more than is expressible.


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