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Easter: 2013

Easter is tomorrow. I always take on too much and spend most of my day baking pies and spinach squares while simultaneously trying to put together a scavenger hunt for a pair of high-schoolers who are probably smarter than I am. I also try (usually unsuccessfully) not to panic. Brian calls it the Annual Easter Freak-Out. I am instructed not to have one ever year, and yet it never works out that way.

This year, I got a reprieve. My sister is bringing desert, Brian is providing an adult hunt that everyone can participate in, and I’m just on the hook for spinach squares and a vegetable. Amazing. Instead of baking all day, I spent most of it learning to play “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” on the ukulele. I bought supplies for spinach squares after 9:00pm, that’s how prepared I am. I made Brian come with me, and we realized in the parking lot that we didn’t have prizes for the hunt winners.

“We’re going to the grocery store. We can just pick up some chocolate bunnies or something, and we’ll be good to go,” I said.

“Or a gift certificate,” said Brian.

“We could do a gift certificate and a chocolate bunny,” I suggested.

“We could do a gift certificate IN a chocolate bunny!”


“See this is what we’ll do,” Brian said. “We’ll break the head off the bunny, shove the gift certificate inside, and then melt the head back on. It will be the best Easter prize ever!”

“Because nothing says Easter like Frankenstein bunnies,” I said.


Somehow, I think this is going to be the best Easter ever…

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