Just An Update – and Blue Gentian is Free

This has been a strange few weeks, I’ll tell you.  We went from being very excited that we all had a week of Spring Break off together, to being thrown into this crazy world where no one knows what’s happening.  It’s been raining every time I plan an outing, too, so there’s that.  And by outing, I mean the social distancing kind – a hiking trail or even a walk around the block.

Asher is not pleased to be so cooped up in the house.  He wants to go out in the 60-degree weather and play with his water table.  He wants to chalk up the sidewalk in the rain.  He does not know why Mom is such a kill-joy and won’t let him.

Also, I officially have THE WORST luck with Student Teaching.  We won’t know fully until tomorrow, but it’s looking like they (maybe?) have some band-aid solutions for us.  Brian is able to work.  We were planning on me not working until September.  Probably we’ll be okay.

That being said, I know a lot of people are cooped up at home with no income or massive insecurity.  My favorite thing for hard times is escaping into a book.   In the spirit of helping, Blue Gentian is free starting tomorrow until the 24th.  That’s as long as I could do it and still remain a member of KDP.

Also, if you’ve ever wanted to write a novel yourself, April is Camp Nanowrimo.   You have time and a story inside you, what have you got to lose?



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