Throwing It Open

I have had a few weeks of no responsibility (you know, besides the parenting ones which are mostly fun) over the holidays.  This last year of school was intense, and I’m glad to be moving into a time when things will be less crazy.  I will only have to student teach, and student teaching will look a lot like my official job (when I get one).

This means that I get to branch out into the things I’d LIKE to do, and not just the things that are enriching my life but not necessarily enjoyable.  Which means, I’d really like to blog more.

This seems to be a theme recently, doesn’t it?  I’m always resolving to blog more.  I have also been thinking long and hard about why it hasn’t been working for me, and I think it’s because I’ve put too many rules on myself about it.

I used to blog about my entire life.  Sometimes there was writing stuff on here, but mostly it was just little essays about how life was going and some of the things I was doing.  Experimental poetry, polished stories, weird stuff.  Sometimes there were book reviews.  Sometimes there were crafts and recipes.  It just depended on what I was doing.  As I moved my career more professional, I felt like there wasn’t a place here for anything that wasn’t either about being a writer or that was literary.  Which means I have very little to blog about and post, even though I have SO MUCH to blog about.  I’m continually feeling frustrated about it.

So this is official notice that I’m throwing all of that out the window.  There’s really no reason to keep this to one subject, except for professionalism.  And frankly, I’d rather be me than professional.  All the posts you like will probably still appear, they will just appear among the other things.  Blog posts will (hopefully) be more frequent.  And expect some teaching stuff, too, I would imagine.

Cheers to the new year!


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