Some Time

I’m not often on my Blue Gentian page these days.  When I first published the book and when I first started running ads, I was on there almost every day.  But now that I have things (mostly) working the way I’d like them to, I tend to leave things be.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the page to find eight whole reviews, and a lot from people who don’t already know me!  They all seemed to like the book, too.  It was a nice little gift as I’m gearing up to start writing a little more.  I’m not optimistic that I’ll get the next book out before the new year, but I might give it a push to see if I can get close.

The baby is starting preschool on Monday.  He’s only going for two days, but that is sixteen whole hours of freedom each week.  I hardly know what to do with myself.  Hopefully I will be substitute teaching in short order, but getting hired for that is still in the works.

In the mean time, I have a list so long of what I want to get done in life that I think I’m going to have to prioritize.  There is no possible way I’m going to clean, redecorate, and organize the whole house while simultaneously getting a novel published and faffing off doing all the fun things I don’t get to do usually (like paint my nails, and binge watch terrible TV).  I have a list of Christmas presents I’d like to make, and crafts I want to do so I can hang them up around the house.  I have list of recipes to try that is epic. Seriously, my expectations are not realistic.

It feels a little like I’ve been handed myself back again (on a temporary basis, of course, maybe rented back to myself), and I’m not sure what I did before I was debilitated by pregnancy, and then structuring my entire life around a small and very adorable boy. I guess I’m about to find out.

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