Student Teaching

This semester has kicked my ass, pardon my language.  But there really isn’t a better word for how overwhelmed I’ve been.  Kicked my butt just isn’t vehement enough to really express the swamp/quicksand feeling I’ve been experiencing as I try to complete 16 weeks of assignments in 10.

As some of you know, I’m studying to become an English teacher.  This week, the rubber hits the road.  I start Student Teaching.  This is not good news for regular posts on the blog.  I haven’t done any real writing in months anyway, though, so I suppose it’s no different than it had been.

In the spirit of keeping things compartmentalized (and because I’m hoping it might be instructive), I’m keeping a different blog that’s strictly about my teaching experience.  I intend to write about my student teaching and my first year as a regular teacher – MAYBE the second year too, though no farther. It’s called the English Lady Apprentice (ELA – get it?  English Language Arts?  No one…?) That’s where I’ll be posting for the next five weeks.  Link:

If you’re interested in hearing from me during this time, that’s the best place to find me.  My last student teaching day is at the end of May. If you’re just here for the self-publishing insights and/or the slice-of-life writing (no judgement, I’m glad you’re here!), you may want to wait until I start this thing back up in June as that’s not likely to be your cup of tea.

Lastly, I just watched Brene Brown’s Netflix Special and found it magical.  I also just bought Abby Wombach’s book Wolfpack on Kindle and am falling in love.  If you’re looking for something to do in the meantime, can I recommend one of those?

See you in June.   Cross your fingers that no kids throw things at me in class…

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