It has been raining, raining here in California.  I don’t remember it raining for days like this since I was a little girl.  We lived in a house that was mostly windows back then, and the sound of the rain would drip off the eaves and make it sound like you were under a tree instead of safely tucked under the warm down comforter on the blue and white striped couch, book in hand.

I have sweet memories, but I’m really ready for the rain to quit at this point.  Asher and I have not been walking Brian to work in the rain and I wonder if we’re going a little stir-crazy.  Also, I have class tonight.  The first one of the semester.  I will be driving for 45 minutes each direction on the wet freeways in a deluge, crossing my fingers that no one gets crazy on me like they do so often in California.

Am I excited to be back at school?  I don’t know.  The CSET has wiped out most of my classmates, so there will be fewer familiar faces than there used to be.  We did a poll by hand last semester and there were only three of us who were definitely cleared to go on, of a class of eighteen people I was fond of.  More will likely have passed since then, and we’re getting an influx of people who didn’t pass the year before.  But it will not be the same thing.

Still, I enjoy learning about teaching.  And I enjoy having a few hours a week where I don’t have to watch the clock, keep the schedule, and meet someone else’s needs before I meet my own.  I get to be a professional adult.  Or, you know, as professional as one can be when wearing a “When in doubt, go to the library” t-shirt, oversized men’s sweater, and saddle shoes.  I get to be my weird academic self, and it makes me feel human again.

If only I didn’t have to drive through the rain to get there.  I know we need it, and I know I’ll enjoy the beautiful vista of snowy mountains once it’s all over, but a little sunshine would be much appreciated.  We’ll get it eventually, I guess.

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One thought on “Rain

  1. Kathy Spofford

    I think the rain ends today for a little while! Love this!

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