A New Year, 2019

I’ve been extraordinarily bad about this blog lately.  I think it’s probably because I’ve been extraordinarily bad at the writing at the end of this year.  Teaching while going to school and mothering a small baby (while still trying to make room for Brian and his homework) is no joke my friend.  Still, I have rosy hopes going into 2019.

And speaking of 2019… This is the blog post where I review what I agreed to do last year and see if I did it, and then re-calibrate for next.

In 2018, I vowed to publish Blatantly False and Blue Gentian.  I vowed to read 100 books this year on Goodreads.  Done and done (153, if you were wondering).  I also wanted to have Easterbay ready for beta reads and write 20 days of the month.  That last one I added in, like, July or something.  Neither of those two things happened.

Easterbay is thisclose to being ready for Alpha reads.  I estimate about another 2 months before I really feel okay about showing it to others, if I can keep up a steady writing schedule.  I also wrote about 15 days of each month, give or take, and never made it more than 18 no matter how hard I tried.

Now, here comes the 2019 resolutions.

  1. I will publish Easterbay by the end of the year.
  2. I will write more than 15 days per month
  3. I will get a blog entry up at least once a week
  4. I will read 150 books, with at least 12 being of a genre other than romance or parenting.

Personally and professionally, I’d also like to mention that I have aspirations of keeping up my new Bullet Journal all year, being a more confident teacher, and continuing to tweak Blue Gentian art and ads to maximize sales.  Those things are harder to measure quantitatively, though, so I’ll mention them but not make them actual resolutions.

That’s all, folks!  Send any good thoughts you can to me to help me keep this stuff up.  I know I’m going to need all the help I can get as this baby naps less and less.  Sigh.


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