Semester Limbo


I finished my final class for the semester, and I’m pretty excited about it.  I loathe online classes, and although these were of the better variety I still didn’t like them much.  I just find it’s HARD to keep myself motivated to do the work without face-to-face interaction. Still, I’m now two semesters in to getting a Master’s degree.  Just three semesters left and I’m a credentialed kid.  Teaching English snobbery to the next generation of kids, here I come!

Part of the problem with the semester was that we were asked to do HARD things without a lot of prep.  One of my assignments was to come up with fifteen research articles on a single topic in prep for my senior thesis.  As long as it was related to Education, it was allowed.  I had to plan my senior thesis right now.  No guidance offered.

Too many options, man!

I did a lot of digging before deciding on a topic.  I’m allowed to write nine weeks worth of lesson plans in lieu of a giant paper, and so I plan to do a 9 week class on novel writing for high school students.  The research articles I found were fun and I think they’ll help.

I have a quick week off before I have to go back to school again.   I’m looking forward to it LOTS.  I miss my classmates, and am excited to being in class with some excellent instructors again.  My adviser and I have already been in contact about my student teaching (yay!).

It’s nice to be looking forward to the thing I’ve chosen to be my next career.  It makes me feel like I’ve finally found the right place.  Hopefully that feeling continues…

In the meantime, all my former homework time is going to writing.  Novel #2, here I come.

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