A Cover for Blue Gentian?

Dear internet,

Please help me decide on a book cover?  I will buy the stock image when I know which one I want, so please ignore the watermarks temporarily.  Genre is Young Adult Fantasy. Thanks!


Salya’s life is made of simple things; a dance around a bonfire, the small blue flowers that grow by the road, a pledge to become a healer like her grandmother before her.

But then she finds the man, half dead, in the bushes by the stream.

“Bren,” he tells her before succumbing to blood poisoning, and his disease is not the only thing Salya and her small band of traders find they are fighting. Where before the nights were quiet, there are secret police. Where before the forests were filled with birds, now there is a dark figure following the wagon train as it wends through the cold mountain passes.

When Bren awakes, he has a story to tell. He is a spy with information about an assassination attempt on the queen of the white city, and now he is too injured to take the news across the mountains alone. Salya must choose: let Bren journey to the kingdom of Kwed, alone, hunted, and wounded; or abandon her family in the scant hope that together they will be able to save the kingdom before the assassins strike.

Blue Gentian (1)Blue Gentian (3)Blue Gentian

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2 thoughts on “A Cover for Blue Gentian?

  1. Reghan

    They’re all lovely, but #3 (the girl in the cloak) is my favourite, and the most likely to draw me in. There’s a story to that picture, and I want to know more. If you’ve got enough leeway with the purchased image to crop it just a little tighter on the girl, that might be a good thing – I actually really love the empty space around her, but she might get lost when it’s shrunk down to a thumbnail image.

  2. Christine Rhodes

    Wonderful! Think I like the caped heroine 🤗

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