Election Day! (Go Vote)

This isn’t really a real post.  I’m just proud of my craftyness and wanted to share. Now that we’re down to the actual electing of people, I’ve decided I’m putting all my wishy-washy feelings aside and going gleeful suffragette for at least the next 15 hours.

When all the “repeal the 19th” stuff started happening on Facebook, I decided I was going to make myself a pin like the buttons they used to wear to suffrage rallies.  Because no matter who you decide to vote for, it’s important that women get to be a part of this amazing process.  And a lot of people fought and endured horrible things for our right to do so.  Suffragettes represent!

My favorite pin on the internet was this one:


But that’s a British pin, and I wanted to represent the American ladies. That’s when I found these two.  They’re from roughly 1905, and the date on them represents the year of the Seneca Falls convention (that’s the one where women originally decided they would band together and seek the vote).

33235d40a2e725aa2352a02e50e1cfe2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I mashed them up and ended up with a design I love that I shrinky-dinked with some colored sharpies and then hot-glued ribbon to the back of it.  The edges of the pin and the center circle are lined in gold, which somehow turned to black in the photo (?), so you’ll have to use your imagination.  I’m pretty proud of myself.


And in case you were wondering, this is what a suffragette looks like in 2016:


I’m done now.  Have you voted yet?

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One thought on “Election Day! (Go Vote)

  1. Jean

    Love it!!!

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