Anydots Update


It looks like our visitor will stay. We introduced her to the other two over the span of about a month. It was a grueling process in which Brian held one cat and I held the other, and we let them hiss at each other until they were tired of that. Then we let them wander around the room together and hiss at each other. When the hissing subsided, we let them out into the house. Hissing still takes place, but usually only when Anydots has pounced on someone’s tail or has the audacity to try and share the window sill. No one has been beat up, and I consider that a victory.

Jennyanydots has a penchant for getting into the trash and a taste for earrings, or really anything that’s shiny lying around (little magpie). Pens are also her favorite to munch, especially the silver tip of the fountain pen I write with, preferably while I’m writing with it. She has grown a bit in the past month and is infinitely fluffier. Her hobbies include standing on keyboards of all kinds and running break-neck towards dinner plates.

It is the Anydots show, and if you are not watching she isn’t pleased. She’ll meow until she gets your undivided attention. Her meow is rather large for her size, and so is her purr. If she isn’t meowing she’s purring. There is no in between. I may be losing my “favorite” status because she’s been sleeping in the crook of Brian’s elbow, but I love her just the same.

I’m awfully glad she can stay.

Now if we can just get her to stop clawing at the carpet…

She’s too adorable to reprimand.

But I’m doing it anyway.

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