These are thank you flowers.

I have posted it most places by now: a short story of mine, titled “The Wages of Sin,” will appear next month in the Dapper Press Lounge.  These guys are just starting out, and the lounge is a secret game where you have to find the entrance, request the password, and then solemnly promise never to reveal it.  There are mustaches galore.  Everything about it makes me grin, and not just the fact that they’ve taken my story.  It feels like I get to make art and play in the clubhouse, both.

They asked me for links to my website, my Twitter, and my Facebook author page.  The other two are robust enough, and well established.  But Facebook author page?  I had not built myself one because it seemed like an impertinence; and now I needed one.  In the space of 24 hours, friends and family answered the call to give me 93 “likes.” I know it’s just the click of the button, but it means so much more to the small gal on the other side of that page (that’s me).  It means that you all care more than imagined possible.  You make me look legit.  Have I told you how much I love you yet?

I shall post links when I have definitive dates and things are up and peruseable.  Then you can play in the clubhouse, too.  I’m proud of this story (although it’s PG-13, family.  You’ve been warned).

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