Book Review: I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t) by Brene Brown


I had heard Brown’s TED talk several times, and her follow up TED talk as well.  She’s a strange bundle of confidence, scientific method, insecurity, and hilarity.  At the end of it all you just have to love and trust her.  And she has powerful things to say in her scant few minutes of time in front of the camera.  I’ve been thinking for a while that I should pick up a book of hers because she had such moving things to say, but I’m a horrible procrastinator and I kinda hate driving.  All things that conspire to keep me out of the book shop.

Brian and I were picking an audio book at Barnes and Noble for our road trip when I saw the book (who have the worst selection of audio books I have ever seen, by the way.  We ended up with Audible instead).  I scoffed at the title.  I have an abhorrence of self-help book; mostly because they rarely help me, but also because of the cheese factor.  But when I saw her name at the end of it, I decided it would probably be better than the regular sort.

I read it in fits and starts in our breezy hotel room in Monterey.  It was a revelation.  I learned that I have pretty good Shame Resiliency (thanks Kathy and John!), but that I still have shame about some very weird things.   Like writing.  Like religion, and vaccinations and health care.  Like being a woman.  So many of the superficial fights Brian and I repeat seemed contained in that slim book, and I was the problem.  Knowing that has allowed me to discuss things like an adult.  Her stories of other women trying to just get through it all helped me know I wasn’t alone, either.

In short, I have a feeling this book will be life changing for me.  I think everyone I’ve ever met should read it, male or female.  Seriously.  Go get it and read it NOW.  While you’re waiting for it to arrive, take a look at her TED talk:

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One thought on “Book Review: I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t) by Brene Brown

  1. I wouldn’t say you’re the problem. Maybe… half the problem. 😛

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