Please Don’t Taste The Rainbow…

Brian and I were supposed to have dinner last night. We were going to meet at the restaurant since it was half way between my school’s main campus and Brian’s office. He wasn’t there when I got there. Ten minutes later, the owner of the restaurant started giving me the stink eye – one person sitting at a four person table. It’s the kind of moment where you want to burst out yelling, “I have friends, I promise!!”

“Are you on your way yet?” I texted Brian. He walked into the restaurant a few minutes later. Then, my phone pinged.

“I’ve decided I’m not coming,” he had written back. “I have discovered my one true love. Skittles the hamster and I are running away together tonight to look for a community that will understand and accept our love.”

I smiled. “Skittles?” I wrote. “That gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘taste the rainbow.’”

Really, it was too good a joke to pass up.

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