Emer’s Diary

May 9, 1033

The salary has been burning a hole in my pocket, so I went down town today by myself to spend it. I snuck out after office hours had ended, and had a lovely time. There’s a magic shop down by the water that has everything a girl could ever dream of. The weapons and things were quite wonderful, of course, but I really couldn’t take my eyes off the Robe of Inferno hanging behind the counter in a polished glass case. It allows you to launch spheres of fire as you wear it, and it’s the most beautiful shade of shiny black with flames, even nicer than the ones I did on my spell component pouch, rimming the hem. It makes me giddy just thinking about it, but it’s too expensive, and the man behind the counter said it’s quite rare. If I saved up for a whole year, I wouldn’t even touch the purchase price, so it’s quite out of the question. I did buy some spell components that I had been needing and felt like it was a consolation prize.

I roamed the seashore for a little bit, after I came out of the magic shop. It was such a beautiful day, and the waves made that wonderful crush hash sound as I stuck my feet in the soft sand and tried not to get my dress wet. There were some others walking on the beach as well, and I got some curious smiles, standing there at the edge of the sea with my flowing robes whipping about my legs.

I was a little hungry, after all my travels, but I didn’t dare go into a tavern by myself, the lone little elf woman among all the ruffians. I didn’t want to even think about trouble, so I turned my feet for home thinking I would raid the kitchens for dinner leftovers. On my way, I passed the prettiest little dress shop, and succumbed to temptation. It’s a pretty dark burgundy silk, plainly made, but wonderful. It fits me so well, and I am now completely set if I decide to go to the theater again, or anywhere I can’t wear my robes. The lady tried to sell me some jewels as well, but I decided that gaudiness didn’t befit an Elf of my stature and left without them. After all, I am a humble teacher’s assistant, not a debutant.

May 11, 1033

I got invited to the theater tonight!! I’m so excited to have a chance to wear my new gown so soon. It’s supposed to be a Human Soprano with a little band behind her, and I think it should be a sweet evening.

May 12, 1033

The theater was wonderful as usual, and the Soprano had a lovely voice. It made me wish I could sing. I’ve had some trouble with this latest spell I’m trying to learn and have been pouring over theory books all day, in hopes that it will help. Lillias and I meet tomorrow in the library to have another go.

May 20, 1033

Ananalie and I had a heart to heart talk tonight. Some of the girls from the finishing school have wanted to sneak out all term, but didn’t dare for fear of waking Madam Glerda and upsetting the administration. None of them have ever been to a tavern before, and they figure it’s their last chance before they get married off to some rich man and have a name to uphold. She seemed rather sad at this prospect, rather than relieved as I would be. Have some rich man take care of you for the rest of your days, and never have to worry about working so hard for a living again? It sounds like a dream come true to me, but to each his own, I guess. She thought I could maybe think of some way to magic them out of the dormitory. They have some boys clothes squirreled away, and want to visit the Dog races and maybe the local tavern afterward. It sounds dangerous to me, but also like a lot of fun. Ananalie asked me to come with them, and I think I will. I must do some research on what would be the best tactics. Silence will certainly come in handy.

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