I’m New To This

Do I realy have anything to say?  That is the prime question.   Brian, my excellent husband, and I were talking the other night about ordinary.  He says that ordinary uptight people like us have no future as writers because we simply have nothing to say that is interesting.  We have no strange bohemian experiences to relate, no tales of being stranded, no stories of our travels.  When we have a day off from work (which is never) we go to Disneyland or the movies without fail, when we go to a resteraunt we order the same exact thing on the menu that we always have, and we’ve only ever traveled to see family.

I don’t believe that living an ordinary life bars you from having something to say.  There are plenty of authors that write about everyday life as most of us live it.  Garrison Keilor and Louisa May Alcott, for two.  Everyone has an opinion, everyone has relationships, and everyone has experiences that are worth while.  No matter where you live your life or how many things you’ve seen.  Lack of experience does not make you any less of a human, or your life any less meaningful. 

This Blog is intended as an experiment.  To see how long I have something to relate.  I think I can keep going for quite a while, but you never know.  I guess we’ll all find out.

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